Water Management

The water management system utilizes wireless technology, sensor technology and computer management system, through the Internet of Things, cloud computing to build intelligent water management system for intelligent data collection, intelligent control, intelligent diagnosis, intelligent early warning and intelligent services. Realize the dynamic monitoring of water supply, and urge the regulator to realize the digitalization, intelligence and standardization of management.

The water management system is centered on intelligent remote reading, with Internet of Things and cloud computing as the core, including intelligent data acquisition system, settlement system, financial management system, office automation OA system, etc., to achieve intelligent management.

1. Convert the water meter flow into a pulse signal for metering.

2. The meter-side data collector collects and stores the metering data and reports it periodically through wireless technology.

3. Monitor the status of the device at the end of the table and encrypt data interaction through cloud technology to ensure data security.

4. Data analysis and sorting through cloud computing calculation.