Property Management

The property management system combines the powerful functions of computers with modern management ideas, and the establishment of a modern intelligent community is the direction of property management development. Paying attention to modern management and attaching importance to meticulous and thoughtful service is the purpose of community work. In order to improve the economic efficiency and management level of property management, and to ensure maximum economic benefits. At the same time, through the wireless technology, the district water and electricity heat and other intelligent equipment are managed, which saves management costs and realizes intelligent management.

The property management system, with the Internet of Things and cloud computing as the core, realizes intelligent integrated management of public areas, residential buildings and shops through the office automation OA system. It includes owner management platform, public area data supervision system, automatic meter reading system and financial management system to save management costs and provide management efficiency.

1. The owner manages the automation OA and the owner easyHome APP to achieve barrier-free communication between the management and the owner.

2. Data acquisition and control through cloud network smart devices.

3. Automatic billing system and billing to achieve intelligent financial management.