AMI Solution

The AMI system combines wireless technology, sensor technology and computer management system to build intelligent automatic reading system for intelligent data collection, intelligent control, intelligent diagnosis, intelligent early warning and intelligent service through Internet of Things and cloud computing. Realize the dynamic monitoring of the terminal, and urge the regulator to realize the digitalization, intelligence and standardization of management.

The AMI system is centered on intelligent remote reading and management, with IoT and cloud computing as the core, including intelligent data acquisition system, intelligent device control center, settlement system, office automation OA system, etc., to achieve intelligent management.

1. Access multiple device cloud platforms to implement remote encryption control of intelligent hardware devices.

2. Automatically collect data of metering equipment such as water, electricity and heat, and report it through wireless technology.

3. Data analysis and consolidation through cloud computing calculations.

4. Automate office terminals to achieve networked management.

5. Data analysis and collation through cloud computing calculations.